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Cisse Niass project offers may volunteer opportunities whether you are in the U.S or in Senegal you can help us in many ways to pursue our mission and help children and families with health issues, education and hunger. 


Contacts companies such as MedWish, which donates medical supplies to nonprofit charitable organizations – inform these companies on Cisse Niass Project medical supplies needs. This person will coordinate donated medical supplies and equipment from medical manufacturers, hospitals, surgery centers and clinics. Most these items are new and overstocked supplies that are the result of renovation, replacement, re-orders or retirement. This person will coordinate shipping of these supplies and equipment to Kaolack, Senegal, and then distribution to the medical clinic in Kahone, Senegal


We looking for an outgoing and determined personality to write, call and visit area organizations to discuss mutually beneficial promotional opportunities, and coordinate events. Holder of the position will work with closely our staff to optimize impact of marketing strategies and promotional projects. Great personal, communication and organization skills a must!


We are currently seeking a social media volunteer or intern with marketing and/or advertising experience to help promote our mission, market our varied projects and programs, liaison with advertisers, create and maintain links with other organizations. Prefer someone who is web-savvy and has great phone and communication skills. Applicant should have experience with Facebook, Twitter, online blogging, marketing and/or advertising, great personal and written communication skills, cultural sensitivity and awareness, international experience, attention to detail and indefatigable determination, experience with web and print marketing and advertising.


(i) Identification of 2000 beneficiaries

(ii) Sending invitations and program details to beneficiaries and guests.

(iv) Compensation and transport refund for presenters/educators

(v) Post-distribution surveys at the end of 6/12 months to assess program impact.

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Help us change the life of hundreds of families and children every year in the U.S. and in Senegal.

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