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Our primary goal is to help all students become successful in their lives and careers. Are you a teacher? Do you only have a few hours to give a week or a month? We know that your time is precious and we'll be happy to work around your schedule. Get in touch today!


Tutors are responsible for providing support services for youth and families by assisting students with homework or concepts students are having difficulty with. The emphasis will be on math, reading, writing and science. Tutors will follow students as they matriculate through high school. Advisors will develop students’ Individual Graduation Plans (IGPS), and tutors will work in collaboration with advisors to help students meet their individual educational goals.

Tutors will promote student attainment of high academic standards aligned with Georgia Department of Education’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Tutors will closely monitor students’ progress during their involvement with CNP’s Tutoring & Advising Program. Tutors will also encourage students to apply to college and/or university enrollment in pursuit of an overall goal of all students attending postsecondary education or attaining promising careers. Tutor will regularly communicate with parents/guardians and if necessary the child’s teacher.

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Help us change the life of students nationwide. We will be forever grateful to any time you can give to help them strive.

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