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Our team in Senegal has been working days and nights to help children and families. Take action to help save more families today!


All you must do to get water is to turn on your tap!  Per UNICEF only 9% of Senegal’s population has piped drinking water on the premises. Everyday six-year old Anisa and her sisters had to walk 5 miles each way to collect water, which was not clean and made her family sick.  Now Anisa and her sisters through the help of Cisse Niass Project can collect clean water free of charge for her family.  Anisa and her sisters can now use their time to go to school instead of collecting dirty water for her family. Anisa’s family is now healthy drinking clean water.


Aminata (girl wrapped in blue) is a 13-year-old girl who is the head of her family.  She is the one who comes to collect food for her family from Cisse Niass Project’s Food Pantry.  Instead of attending school or hanging out with friends Aminata, a child herself), must bear adult responsibilities.  She must walk several miles daily to collect water for her family.  She is the oldest and her mother is not well.  Without the food pantry Aminata’s family would not have food to eat.


Marieme was infected with malaria as a fetus.  Her mother could not afford the Intermittent Prevention Treatment in Pregnancy (IPTp) during her pregnancy. Every year since she was born Marieme is terribly sick with symptoms of malaria such a vomiting and diarrhea during the rainy season.  Now, because of the Cisse Niass Project, Marieme, receives medication so she does not get sick for 3 months out of the year.  But Marieme is lucky, in Senegal, per UNICEF’s data, 75,000 and 200,000 infants under one year die annually because of malaria infection during pregnancy.  Many more children in Marieme’s village needs malaria medication.



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