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Parents' involvement with students' teachers

Assess Student Needs

Parents should develop a regular communication system

Increase student grades

Parents should review their child's assignments

how can students become sucessful?

Cisse Niass Project advocates a three-pronged strategy to promote student success.  We believe in strong parental involvement, dedicated communication with children’s teachers, and a robust partnership with children’s school administrators and support staff. We strongly encourage parents whose children who are struggling academically to regularly check their child’s grades using Infinite Campus, the parent portal in DeKalb County. All public schools in Georgia have online parent portals that allow parents and students to quickly access students’ grades and behavior comments.


Parents should develop a regular communication system with teachers through email addresses and school phone numbers that are available on schools’ websites. Parents ought to require their child to use agendas daily, and to write down all assignments and upcoming test dates. Additionally, agendas are effective tools in parent/teacher communication. Children thrive on consistency and schedules; therefore, parents should set regular times and places for homework.  During this scheduled time children should review or read a favorite approved book even if they say they have no homework.    


Parents can also check on the child’s assignments by reviewing it and checking for accuracy, neatness and completeness.  When a child says her/his homework is complete, parents should check on it.  Parents can also be instrumental by helping children organize their backpacks and materials. Another helpful tip for parents and students is to allow the child to set academic goals based on his/her strengths and weaknesses.  Children and parents together can develop an incentive plan to support students’ goals. Another strategy for student success is for parents to initiate help by contacting students' counselors and support staff for further support implementing student success strategies. Lastly, if a child is still struggling academically or with behavior issues, parents have the right to call for a Student Support Team meeting with school staff in which concerns can be discussed and to develop a holistic plan for the student.



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