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The Senegal Chronicles

Some highlights of my trips to Senegal by Shakuwra Dabre, board member, Cisse Niass Project.

An afternoon rain in Kaolack is so refreshing. One afternoon, I took a quick little walk up to the terrace of the house where I stayed, during my visit in Senegal. It was the end of July and it was getting close to the end of my visit. Oh, how I wished my trip could be extended but alas, I had to return to the states to my home and workplace. As I stood on the terrace, I watched and marveled at the people walking by. People returning home from the afternoon prayers, Mothers rushing home to cook and the children playing outside.

Suddenly I noticed in the distance, clouds form forming in the sky. Bit by bit, the clouds gathered together until the blue sky turned grey and then I watched as the rain approached far off in the distance and then there it was, a downpour of glorious water falling from the sky.

My eyes beheld the beauty as the sounds of joy and laughter reached my ears. As the rain cascaded from the sky, the children played and bathed with glee! I watched in amazement as they danced, sang and extolled praises for the blessings falling from the sky, cleansing their bodies, the air and the earth.

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