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Are free tutors worth it?

The age old saying “you get what you pay for” carries a daunting notion that if its inexpensive, it may not be a worthy service. However, price does not always guarantee quality. In fact, here are few key aspects to contemplate when looking for the tutor that is worth it, regardless of cost.

1.) Consider the platform the tutor will use (i.e. group sessions, one on one, technology, etc.). It is important for students to be able to work independently as well as in a group and the use of technology could help develop those skills.

2.) Consider the tutors qualifications and teaching style, it may be beneficial for you to observe as the student engages with the tutor. Be familiar with your student’s learning competencies, this could help you reinforce practical lessons.

3.) The tutor should have some insight regarding a development schedule for the individual needs of the student. Have a tentative outline of the student needs so that the tutor can adjust appropriately. The students need usually determines the length required for a tutor’s services. For more information on what to consider when searching for a tutor click here.


The most valuable part of tutoring is that the relationship between the student and the tutor is positive and respectful. Clear communication between the tutor and the student should always be welcomed. At CNP our tutors are genuinely interested in the success of each of our students. We focus on supplying our students with a customized experience. We provide an environment of positive growth that makes learning worth it.


It’s worth knowing that regardless of your income, we provide a staff of qualified and results driven tutors at CNP. It is our duty to support our community with the assets that’s needed to thrive in society. Here at CNP we value service, and customer satisfaction because we truly care about our students meeting their goals. Free tutoring is a worthy resource especially at CNP. We are here to provide all your academic needs to include tutoring, advising, and mental health advising. For more information visit our website.

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