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Food Pantry in Senegal

Food Insecurity in Senegal

Senegal has a population of 15 million people of which 46.7% live in poverty, and 50% are food insecure (World Food Programme, 2017). Reoccurring droughts and floods have lead to severe weakening of food security in northern and central Senegal. Senegal’s economy depends on cash crops and fishing, both of which have been affected by climate change. The result has been harvest deficits in 2014 and 2015 (

What is CNP’s mission?

Our mission is to involve, educate and unite people in the work of ending hunger in Kahone and Kaolack, Senegal. Our vision is a hunger-free Senegal.

Who supports cnp’s mission?

Cisse Niass Food Pantry could not exist without the support of volunteers and donors. Our goal is to receive generous contributions from the following:

  1. Volunteers who donate thousands of hours, the equivalent of 31 full-time staff members.

  2. Millions of pounds of food donated by our food industry partners.

  3. $3 million in contributed income, including $1.7 million in donations from individual donors.

Our dedication

As a 501( c )(3) we distribute food in Kahone and Kaolack, Senegal, to 200 people three times daily, enough to provide 219,000 meals every year.We are operating kitchens to cook and distribute the food in the Kahone and Kaolack regions.

Our simple purpose

The founders of Cisse Niass Food Pantry have a simple purpose: that the people of Kahone and Kaolack be enabled to go to work or look for work, to go to school, to play, to worship, and to sleep without the barrier of hunger.

Our History – since 2013 CNP’s Food Pantry has distributed food items such as grain, oil, tea, meat, and sugar

Cisse Niass Food Pantry (CNFP) is a charitable hunger-relief organization dedicated to providing meals to the needy.We plan to provide 3 meals every day of the year.

How You Can Help

Cisse Niass Food Pantry depends on the generosity and support of caring people to help in the fight against hunger.

You can make a secure donation online and follow our progress at

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