Cisse Niass Project is building a clinic and pharmacy in Kaolack, Senegal to give medications and care for thousands of people a year in Senegal and to cure life-threatening diseases, such as malaria. No body, but us was willing to take a stand! Build your legacy today!

Build a Clinic in Senegal

For the past year, we have been building a clinic and a pharmacy in Senegal for children and families free of charge. 

Access to Healthcare

Our goal is to provide families and children in Senegal with access to free healthcare.


It takes 5000 bricks

to build our clinic and pharmacy in Senegal


20,000 of manual labors


$6 a brick

First, we need the Bricks!

Build your legacy by building a clinic to provide children and families access to free medications to cure life-threatening diseases, and give them hope by sharing your message on the clinic wall.

Add your own Bricks & Message to the Clinic

Stop Malaria

Malaria is the main deadly disease in Senegal. We are building the clinic to cure thousands of patients each year from malaria.

Fundraise with the children 

Children have started fundraisers in U.S schools nationwide to help CNP build the clinic. Join the team!

The start of the Clinic & Pharmacy

in Kaolack, Senegal

In 2016, our team put the gate in to the Cisse Niass Project land and the construction of the clinic and pharmacy begun.

The main entrance

For weeks, we worked on removing the trash on the land, which was previously used as a trash field by the town of Kaolack.

In 2017, the Cisse Niass Project team started building the first room of the clinic. We then had to stop because of lack of funding.

2016, the work begins for the clinic

2017, the first room of the clinic 


2048 Lawrenceville Hwy

Decatur, Georgia

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Cisse Niass Project is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization recognized by the IRS. EIN: 47-2796331
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