Ready to launch a fundraiser? Choose from the options below to start fundraising for food and health care in Senegal. We will send you all the tools you need to set up a personal fundraising page, email your friends and family, connect with them through social media, and track your progress. Every dollar you raise helps share food and care through Cisse Niass Project! Learn more about volunteer opportunities >

Ask your friends to share a meal with a child instead of buying a gift. 

Are you getting married? Ask your guests to donate instead of registering a gift.

Do you have a party coming up? Ask your friends to bring a donation. 

Work together with your friends and family on a fundraiser.

Ask your friends to show your support to your next competition by sharing meals. 

Share your creativity with us to help us build a clinic and pharmacy in Senegal.


Invite your friends and family to join in the fight against hunger, health issues and promote eduction in Senegal. We will give you the tools to create and promote your personal fundraising efforts.

You can now start a fundraiser on Facebook from your own account in a few steps to supports Cisse Niass Project in our mission to help Senegal.

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